Weekend of Racing to Forget

Last week, we had a very successful weekend, as I won my first ever race in the sportmod division at Luxemburg Speedway. From there, we went up to Thunderhill Raceway and notched our 3rd top-10 finish of the season, placing 6th in the feature.

Our luck took a turn for the worse, as we had to run in the slime at Luxemburg in our heat races this past Friday night. I was unable to find any traction on the surface, and avoided a near head-on collision. That set us up with a 5th place starting spot in the semi-feature, with the top 2 moving on to the feature. I got up to the 4th spot, and battled with Troy Selner and JJ Andersen for third, when Selner got a little loose off of turn 4 and Andersen got into his back bumper. I narrowly avoided the spinning Selner, and after a caution just didn’t have enough to catch Dennis Miesler for the 2nd spot.

I decided to head up to Sturgeon Bay by myself on Saturday night, and it was a night to forget to say the least. I got hit on the back bumper on lap 1 of the heat, and then had my driver side sheet metal bashed in and torn up. I recovered to finish in 5th spot to make the invert for the feature.

The sunlight on the horizon compounded with the dust off the racetrack made conditions very unfavorable for the feature, and that caused a massive pileup on lap 1. I got tagged coming into turn 3 which sent me spinning sideways, getting hit several times in the door. A quick trip down pit lane found no ill effects other than body damage, so I rejoined the field at the tail. I was able to pick off cars one by one following Kelsy Hayes and Eric Arneson, and before I knew it I was up to 6th place. Several cautions would ensue, and on the final restart, we were able to get a few laps under green when Tom Stark got into my LR tire and sent his car airborne. The impact twisted my sheet metal under my decking, bent my rim and gouged my tire.

That event triggered the end to my night, and it was later discovered that the tail of my car had been shifted over toward the RR tire. We’ll make a trip to the frame jig and have the car back out and ready for action on Friday night at Luxemburg Speedway.

Upcoming Races

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6/13/2020 @ 6PM

Maribel, WI

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6/14/2020 @ 5PM

Luxemburg, WI