Results from July 2nd


Friday didn’t really go well @ Luxemburg, we missed the setup for the heat race. The car took off very well with the gear change we made this past week, but after that the car had a bad push in the corners.

With barely any time to change anything before my semi-feature, the errors in setup weren’t corrected and the car didn’t drive any better.

We had hoped to give Seymour Speedway a shot on Sunday, but rainshowers fell on us as we were about ready to start the show. Our next race will be back at Luxemburg Speedway on Friday night, July 9th.

Upcoming Races

141 Speedway

6/13/2020 @ 6PM

Maribel, WI

The 'Burg Speedway

6/14/2020 @ 5PM

Luxemburg, WI