Parts & Pieces Fly @ Luxemburg

On Friday night, I was in the first heat race of the night. We made it 1 lap, and I ran into Eric Mahlik who had been spun in turn 1. That broke the left front ball joint, and ripped up my driver side sheet metal.

Coming into the pits, the engine wasn’t sounding quite right, and we discovered 2 rocker arms were busted off. We were able to get everything fixed up for the consy.

I would start dead last in the consy, and once again after one lap a car spun in turn 1, collecting my right front tire this time. The rim was bent up, but otherwise still drivable. I either finished 5th or 6th out of 9 cars, with my left rear spring falling out of the car.

Hopefully next week we’ll have a new set of gears in the car, right now we’re turning too many RPMs with the gears we have. Next race will be next Friday night at Luxemburg once again.

Upcoming Races

141 Speedway

6/13/2020 @ 6PM

Maribel, WI

The 'Burg Speedway

6/14/2020 @ 5PM

Luxemburg, WI