Great Start to the 2011 Season

I really couldn’t ask for much more out of the start of this season. Although I was unable to make the feature at Luxemburg, just getting the seat time and seeing that the car has the potential to be in the feature every night was a great step. I was one spot out of making the feature in my heat, finishing 5th.

Unfortunately I got the raw end of the draw for the semi-feature, getting stuck on the outside row where it was the roughest, and was unable to make my way back up to the top 2 by the time I got back to the bottom.

Saturday night at Thunderhill was a fun night for us. We ran the exact same setup as we ran at Luxemburg for our heat race, and I was able to finish in 4th place. With my draw, I started in the 5th row on the inside for the feature.

I drove a little overly-cautious at the start, and found out lap by lap how much I could push the throttle in the corner and make the car stick. I was very happy with the results, as I was glued to the back bumper of 2010 track champion Eric “Chummy” Arneson for almost the entire race.

It was a very smooth track, but it did turn into a 1 lane freight train on the bottom groove. Pretty much everyone that started up front stayed there, with a few movers, but not many. I was very happy with a 10th place finish on opening night, my best finish in my young career at Thunderhill.

Our camera mount took a few hard shots at Luxemburg, the 2nd time a stone broke the mount into several pieces. Fortunately for me, the casing protected the camera as it tumbled off the track. We will be building a sturdier mount for next weeks races, you can view my heat race & semi-feature videos below.

Upcoming Races

141 Speedway

6/13/2020 @ 6PM

Maribel, WI

The 'Burg Speedway

6/14/2020 @ 5PM

Luxemburg, WI