Chalk Up Another Top 10 Finish

Chalk Up Another Top 10 Finish

Luck wasn’t on our side on Friday Night at Luxemburg Speedway, as the event was a draw/redraw special with the topless IMCA modifieds headlining. I drew a 34 out of the bucket, but unfortunately that was for the feature. The square I picked for the heat race put me dead last on the grid (10th) and only the top 4 would make the show. I would finish in 7th place, setting me up with a 5th place starting spot for the semi-feature.

The track was very tricky, as turns 1 & 2 had plenty of bite in the track, but 3 & 4 were all but used up. As a result, a lot of cars were out of control in the 1st semi-feature, but overall the group of cars in the 2nd semi-feature drove well. I got up to 4th place using the outside lane, getting plenty of speed off the backstretch, however I couldn’t get the car to turn into turn 3, and kept losing momentum. I tried one last time on the outside to get the last transfer spot, but was unable to do so.

On Saturday, we made the trip back up to Door County’s Thunderhill Raceway, and I struggled to find my rhythm in the heat race. I fell back to the last spot in the field, and with that finish I would have to start at the rear of the feature.

On lap 1, I had to keep my eyes open as the #10 car of Keith Peterson went around in turn 1. Luckily, I was able to stop in time and proceed without any damage to my car. On the restart, I took to the high line early and rode that up to around the 13th position. Caution flags flew several times for incidents, and when we got going again I kept using the high line to make my passes.

Once I cracked the top 10, I did battle with Jesse Kroll for about 5 to 6 laps for the 8th spot. It was difficult to hit my line perfectly every lap, as the ruts in the track were throwing cars through the corners. Kroll was able to take my line away on the final restart, and I settled for a 9th place finish on the night.

Our racing forecast for next weekend will be the same, racing Friday night at Luxemburg Speedway and then again on Saturday at Thunderhill Raceway for the 3rd annual Nathan Bouche Memorial. The night of racing at Thunderhill is also “Driver Autograph Night”, so we’ll have plenty of hotshots and stickers to give out to the kids at intermission.

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