Another Good News/Bad News Weekend

091611 luxemburg speedway

This past weekend was the Fall Classic at Luxemburg Speedway, which was a 2-day event on Friday and Saturday night. I drew right in the middle for my heat race starting position, and we didn’t hit the track until after 9pm for our heat race. By then, most of the track surface had dried out. I started 5th in the heat race, and tangled a bit with Brandon Long, clashing front rims and sending me towards the tail of the field.

I fell back to 8th, and then decided to try my luck on the outside of the track. It took a few laps to find the right line I wanted to run, but from then on the car was hooked. I tracked down Long, Chad Kaminski, Ryan LeMieux and finally Mark Joski to vault myself back into a 4th place finishing position.

Unfortunately for me, they were taking the top 3 cars to the feature on Saturday night, so that meant a last chance qualifier race was in order early Saturday night. Because of my heat race finish, I started on the pole for the last chance race. I immediately knew the bottom groove didn’t have much bite left, and set sail for the high side much like the previous night. I was running comfortably in 2nd position, when a yellow flag flew, putting me back on the bottom for the restart. I was able to find my way back up top and settled into the 4th place position on the restart, and that’s where I ended up finishing.

With that finish, I would start 19th of 22 in the feature. We experimented with our setup once again, figuring it would either work great or not work at all. Much to my dismay, it was the latter of the two outcomes, as I couldn’t get the car to go forward anywhere on the racing surface. I could see the leaders closing in on me in the next few laps, so I decided to head to the pits and end my night.

That wraps up the season at Luxemburg Speedway, where I picked up 2 heat race wins along with a semi-feature win in 2011. I picked up two top-10 feature finishes, one of which was a top-4 finish. All-in-all it was a very good season at the track, and I look forward to next season with a full year of driving this car under my belt.

Our final race of the season will be at Seymour Speedway on October 1st. After that, the car will be disassembled for maintenance checks and cleaning, then we’ll get it ready for the 2012 season.

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