18th @ 141 Speedway

18th @ 141 Speedway

With all the rainouts in the area the past couple of weeks, we went back to 141 Speedway on Wednesday night. I took 5th in my heat race, transferring into the feature. We had some more trouble with the carburetor, seems like it’s loading up with fuel after I’ve finished racing.

I started 14th out of 20 in the feature, and dropped a few spots early trying to get out of the rough stuff on top and to the bottom of the race track. After a restart I started getting in rhythm on the bottom, but got chopped off coming out of turn 4 and hit from behind sending me into the infield. Restarting in last, I was able to pick up only a couple of spots to take 18th on the night.

Hopefully the weather cooperates for us this Friday, it would be nice to be back at Luxemburg Speedway.

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