14th at Luxemburg Speedway

14th at Luxemburg Speedway

Only 1 night of racing for us on the weekend. After working hard on the car the week prior, we were ready to race on Friday night at Luxemburg Speedway. A total of 34 cars showed up in the sportmod division, and I was in the 4th (and final) heat race, starting on the outside of the front row. I took off on the outside, beating polesitter Jason Kostichka into turn 1 and grabbed the early lead. I led for about 4 laps, when Dennis Miesler took the inside line and took over the lead. I settled in behind Miesler, finishing a close 2nd.

The finish would set me up with a 3rd place starting spot in the feature. I did my best to stay out of trouble and not burn my tires off the corners on a very slick racing surface. Midway through the race I was running in the 9th position, and I could feel the car starting to fade. I opted to ride out the end of the race on the top of the track, coming home with a 14th place finish. We could have used more rear weight for the feature, but it was a guessing game for us as this was the 1st time we’ve raced on a dryslick surface at Luxemburg this year.

I decided to take the night off on Saturday night, and as of right now it appears I’ll be doing the same next weekend as well. Look for us at Luxemburg Speedway on Friday night, with a possibility of racing Seymour Speedway on Sunday. Check out the in-car videos from Friday night below, we tried out a new angle for the 1st time.

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