141, Luxemburg & Seymour Results

We had a lot of ups and downs during the week of racing, but overall it was pretty productive. We started the week at 141 Speedway on Wednesday night, and the track was very rough in the corners. I slapped the wall in the heat, and would have to start near the tail of the feature.

I didn’t last long out there, as a car was out of control on the frontstretch on lap 2, and I just clipped him with my front bumper, which sent me hard into the wall. My right front suspension was beat up real bad, and our night was over.

On Friday, I had a real bad push in the heat race, which was nothing new. I finished 7th in the heat and had to run the gong show again. I would start in 6th place, and quickly made my way up to the 4th spot on the outside of the track. Later in the race I made a pass on the inside to take 3rd place, transferring me into the feature.

I started 18th in the feature, and found myself up to 13th in about 7 laps. However, I went into turn 3 a little too high and fast, and went over the edge of the track, sending me to the back of the field. I would get some of those spots back in the end, as I finished 15th on the night.

On Sunday we made our 3rd trip of the season to Seymour Speedway. I started 4th in the heat and was able to hang onto 5th place at the checkers. That would set me up with a 15th place starting position in the feature of 24. On the starts, we had 2 quick yellows for accidents in front of me, which I was able to luckily avoid. After those mishaps, the race went green to checkers. I was running in 15th spot on the final lap, when Brad Lautenbach blew a right front tire in front of me, leaving me nowhere to go. I lost 2 spots out of that incident, coming across the line 17th.

We’ll be taking the week off and returning to action on Friday the 17th at Luxemburg Speedway for night #1 of the Fall Classic.

Upcoming Races

141 Speedway

6/13/2020 @ 6PM

Maribel, WI

The 'Burg Speedway

6/14/2020 @ 5PM

Luxemburg, WI