Budzo Racing Adds New GoPro Action Camera for 2013 Racing Season

With the release of a brand new line of high-definition HD HERO® action cameras by GoPro, Chris Budzban is taking advantage of the best camera the company has to offer during the 2013 race season.

“I found a great deal around Christmas to pick up the new HD HERO3 Black Edition camera for the upcoming season,” said Budzban. “We’ve used the original HERO camera for the past two seasons, and decided to make the upgrade this year.”

The HD HERO3 camera features a wide array of video & photo modes, with the Black Edition touting an included Wi-Fi remote and enhanced low-light performance.

“The video quality has been great at well-lit tracks with the original HERO camera, but sometimes you could see the quality dip quite a bit in lesser lit areas,” said Budzban. “Hopefully the new camera will brighten things up a bit.”

The old camera will serve a new purpose for the team, especially before the season begins.

“With the new car, and the rule change pertaining to maximum spring height allowed in the IMCA northern sportmod division, we’re going to mount the old camera underneath the car to record our rear suspension during practice sessions,” said Budzban. “Any advantage we can find before the season officially begins, we’ll definitely try to put to good use when the green flag flies.”

The 2013 season for Budzo Racing is likely to get underway on May 3rd at Luxemburg Speedway for their season opener. The team plans to visit a few venues to practice at prior to Luxemburg’s opener.

“Last year, I got one practice session to go along with one full night of racing before the car was bent in the front and the rear,” said Budzban. “We don’t need to start this season the same way without a good feel for the new car, so we’ll do some spectating early on in the season.”

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